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Non-standard shaped packing 7


Non-standard shaped packing 7


Packaging Products

Disposable packaging products

Consumer Tray

Foldable plywood wooden case

IPPC logo pallet and wooden case

Non-standard shaped packing

Recycling of packaging products

Tray enclosure

Turnover tray

Plastic tray

Turnover box

Other Packaging Auxiliary Materials

Auxiliary materials for inner packaging

Auxiliary materials for outer packing

Product Details

In addition to providing design and products to users, Fuhuat also provides a series of value-added services. These services include complete packaging logistics inventory management for users, from procurement, on-site packaging, warehouse management (including timely delivery, logistics control, material purchase and development, loading and unloading, image promotion and more). Fuhuat positions itself between packaging material suppliers and users, playing the role of integrated supply of packaging materials.

Beijing Fuhuate Packaging Services Co., Ltd. also has a very good business model (pallet leasing) for users to continuously reduce supply chain costs, to help customers save time, money and personnel investment.

Through Fuhuat's strong technical force, objective and full business perspective, huge supply system and purchasing ability, coupled with long-term accumulated packaging knowledge and experience, Fuhuat can provide customers with "tailor-made" solutions to respond to the different needs of each customer.

Welcome to Beijing Fuhuate Packaging Service Co., Ltd! Fuhuate will be your safe and professional packaging partner!

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