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Integrated Packaging Solutions

Integrated Packaging Solutions

Nonstandard shaped package 1
Fu special packaging not only provide standard products, but also provide non-standard shaped packaging such as cable, fiber optic cable packaging; cable tray for cable, fiber optic cable and tailored modes of transport, such as auto parts.
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Disposable wooden pallets
The pallets and wooden features are easy to reach every country in the world, it is made of wooden pallets and wood together, after heat treatment Gasch IPPC logo, in line with international phytosanitary rules and AQSIQ Decree 69 regulations require
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Turnover four into the fork of wooden pallets
Modern logistics system tray is an indispensable product, whether it is in the warehouse, in transit, or reach the customer at all convenient tray storage, handling, loading and unloading, effectively saving time and labor
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