Disposable packaging products

Fuhuat consumable packaging is designed for the use of disposable transport packaging, it is strong, but economical. According to different materials and structures, Fuhua has many consumable packaging products to choose from, from foldable steel-edged plywood wooden boxes and heavy-duty wood and packing boxes, to single-layer, double-layer or even three-layer corrugated boxes, to various plywood pallets, etc. Sail-resistant engineers can design and build packaging solutions for customers according to their actual needs.

Fuhuat all consumable packaging products are in line with international IPPC export inspection standards and EU ROHS directive standards. Fuhuat is the Beijing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau with export wood packaging products designated heat treatment (IPPC) qualification units. The wood packaging produced by Fuhuat has passed the certification of China Quality Certification Center (CQC) and conforms to the EU ROHS directive standard and the international IPPC export inspection standard. To meet the various needs of export products.

Consumable packaging products

Under normal circumstances, the export packaging is a one-time use of the consumption of the outer packaging. Depending on the form of transport, destination, and product characteristics, the following options are available.

· Foldable plywood wooden box

· Consumable tray

· IPPC logo wooden pallets and wooden cases

· Non-standard shaped packaging