Fuhuate Beijing (Headquarters)

Beijing Fuhuate Packaging Service Co., Ltd.-an integrated packaging solution provider-your packaging partner, specializing in the development, design, production and sales of various packaging products and providing after-sales service and related technical support. Directly provide customers with pallets, large and heavy wooden boxes, wooden frames and foldable steel-edged plywood boxes and other packaging products and complete packaging logistics solutions. The products are mainly exported to Europe, America and neighboring countries and regions.

Beijing Fuhuate Packaging Service Co., Ltd. has an existing plant area of 20000 m2. The company is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing. It has offices and logistics turnover warehouses in Tianjin, Langfang, Qinhuangdao and other places, and has its own raw material processing base in the northeast forest area. At present, Fuhuate packaging has developed into a comprehensive entity with wood products packaging as the main and overall packaging services.

Beijing Fuhuate Packaging Service Co., Ltd. is the Beijing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Beijing area with export wood packaging products designated heat treatment (IPPC) qualification units. The wood packaging produced by Beijing Fuhuate Packaging Service Co., Ltd. has passed the certification of China Quality Certification Center (CQC), in line with the EU RoHS directive and relevant international standards, and meets the various requirements of export products.

In addition to providing design and products to users, Fuhuat also provides a series of value-added services. These services include complete packaging logistics inventory management for users, from procurement, on-site packaging, warehouse management (including timely delivery, logistics control, material purchase and development, loading and unloading, image promotion and more). Fuhuat positions itself between packaging material suppliers and users, playing the role of integrated supply of packaging materials.

Beijing Fuhuate Packaging Services Co., Ltd. also has a very good business model (pallet leasing) for users to continuously reduce supply chain costs, to help customers save time, money and personnel investment.

Through Fuhuat's strong technical force, objective and full business perspective, huge supply system and purchasing ability, coupled with long-term accumulated packaging knowledge and experience, Fuhuat can provide customers with "tailor-made" solutions to respond to the different needs of each customer.

Welcome to Beijing Fuhuate Packaging Service Co., Ltd! Fuhuate will be your safe and professional packaging partner!