Pallet Leasing

Our company is a professional logistics product company integrating production, sales and leasing of wooden pallets. Beijing Fuhuate Packaging Service Co., Ltd. saves costs and optimizes supply chain efficiency for customers throughout the supply chain, reduces the damage rate of customers' products through technology, and helps customers Save time, money and personnel investment.

The advantages of leasing pallets are:

1. To eliminate the one-time cash investment, reduce the high cost of capital, reduce the risk of procurement, so as to use the funds for the main business.

2. Rent pallets before payment, expenses and project output to match, rational use of capital resources, improve the return on assets;

3. Flexible lease mode (can be rented at any time) to solve the problem of fluctuation of pallet quantity in light and peak seasons and save a lot of idle costs;

4. Realize the whole pallet transportation between manufacturers and from suppliers to retail terminals, improve logistics efficiency and reduce the damage of goods;

5. Exempt daily pallet maintenance and management, reduce business management costs;

The following is the basic scheme of our company's pallet lease:

1. Pallet rental price: calculated per piece per day according to the actual number of pallets leased and the lease period.

2. Rental payment: settlement at the end of each month and provide the list of pallet rental quantity and VAT invoice for the current month

3. Pallet specification:

Currently using the national standard 1200x 1000x 150mm specifications;

The wooden pallet is made of high quality pine wood;

4. Lease mode, that is, the user sends a lease demand to our pallet service/lease center, and specifies the lease quantity and lease time limit. After signing the lease agreement, the user will bring the pallet or we will arrange to deliver the pallet to the place designated by the user. The leased pallet will be used in the place until the lease is withdrawn. The lease period starts from the date when the pallet arrives at the user's designation, the day the pallet is returned to our pallet service/rental center is considered as a refund. The rental fee is calculated on a daily basis for each pallet and is settled at the end of the month.

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