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Steel belt four-sided combination wooden box

Product description: Fuhuat plywood wooden box is a foldable outer packaging product composed of laminated plywood and steel belt. This case can be quickly assembled and sealed.


Steel belt four-sided combination wooden box


Foldable plywood wooden case

Product Details

Commodity Description:Fuhuat plywood wooden box is a foldable outer packaging product composed of laminated plywood and steel belt. This case can be quickly assembled and sealed.

The perfect combination of the two raw materials makes the box find the best combination between strength, weight and volume.

Advantages of foldable plywood wooden box:

· Savings

Compared with the traditional wooden box of the same outer size, the plywood has a large content due to the thin wall of the plywood; the foldability saves storage space; its own light weight saves transportation for air transportation is also obvious;

· Convenient disassembly and assembly

The Fuhuat wooden case is easy to disassemble and assemble. If additional items need to be added during transportation, the case can be easily opened and reclosed. The locking system has good anti-theft function and can be completely sealed if necessary.

· Plant Quarantine

Fuhuat's full range of plywood products meet all international phytosanitary regulations, and our export packaging solutions are safe and legal worldwide.

• Transport of dangerous goods

The transportation of dangerous goods is strictly restricted, and Fuhuat's foldable packaging solution is suitable for the outer packaging of most types of dangerous goods. Our solution can be used in all modes of transportation (including road, rail, air and sea);

• Printing

The smooth surface of plywood is very suitable for printing, and Fuhuat packaging solutions have become a new type of advertising media.

You are free to choose the right color to print your company's product information, logo, slogan or the message you want to express.

· Robust and reliable

The drop test proves that Fuwaite's new packaging solution is superior to traditional wooden cases in terms of strength and durability, and shows its excellent quality in the stacking test.

Whether it is transportation or long-term storage, Fuhuat packaging solutions will give your products the most stable and sturdy protection.

Fuhuat engineers work closely with you to provide the ideal design for your packaging needs. If necessary, we can also tailor a full set of packaging solutions for your products. Today, our new packaging solutions have successfully served a variety of manufacturing industries, from delicate microchips to heavy machinery weighing several tons.

The A- type wooden box is composed of a collar-shaped block, and the lid and bottom plate of the box are integrated by steel bars and the frame.


· Easy to disassemble and store

· No pieces

· Suitable for small and medium size products

Plywood thickness of 5 or 6mm

The B- type wooden box consists of three parts: the lid, the bottom and the foldable enclosure.

· Save space and freight when folded

· Suitable for medium size products

· Easy to disassemble and assemble

The C- shaped wooden box consists of a six-part cover, a bottom and four independent sides.

This design allows loading and unloading operations to be operated from either side, providing maximum flexibility for packaging operations.

Dimensions can vary

· Material thickness can vary

· Suitable for large size products

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