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Collapsible plywood box

Collapsible plywood box

Product Description: Fu special plywood wooden box is a combination of laminated plywood and strip made of foldable packaging products. This box can be quickly assembled and sealed.
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Product description

Product Description: Fu special plywood wooden box is a combination of laminated plywood and strip made of foldable packaging products. This box can be quickly assembled and sealed.

Two kinds of raw materials, the use of the perfect combination between strength makes the boxes, weight, volume three to find the best combination of points.

Collapsible plywood wooden advantages:

· Savings

And traditional wooden compared to the same external dimensions, because the thin plywood siding therefore content Jida; foldability also saves storage space; transport its own light as air savings also are obvious;

· Facilitate disassembly

Fu special wooden easy disassembly, in transit, such as the need to add additional items, the box can be easily opened and re-closed, locking system with good anti-theft feature and if necessary can be completely sealed.

· Phytosanitary

Fu special full range of plywood products are in compliance with all international phytosanitary requirements, our export packaging solutions in the world are safe and legal.

· Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Transport of dangerous goods subject to strict constraints, while Fu special collapsible packaging solutions suitable for most types of packaging of dangerous goods, our program can be used on all modes of transport (including road, rail, air and sea );

· print

Plywood smooth surface is ideal for printing, Fu special packaging solutions thus become a new type of advertising media.

You can freely choose the appropriate color printing your company's product information, logos, slogans or information that you want to express.

Rugged and reliable

Drop tests proved Fu special new packaging scheme regardless of the strength or durability are superior to the traditional wooden boxes, but also shows its excellent quality during stacking test.

Whether it is transportation or long-term storage, Fu special packaging solutions will give your product the most stable solid protection.

Fu special engineers work closely with you to provide the best design solutions for your packaging needs. If necessary, we can give you a full range of products and tailor-made packaging solutions. Today, our new packaging solution has been successfully serving in a variety of manufacturing, from the delicate microchips to heavy machinery weighing several tons.

A pattern consists of a collar-shaped wooden block member constituted box lid and bottom box enclosed by steel bars and integrally formed.


· Easy disassembly and storage

Without spare parts

· Products for small and medium-sized

· Plywood having a thickness of 5 or 6mm

B-type wooden box consists of three parts: lid, base and folding around the frame.

· Transport when folded to save space and freight

· Products for medium-sized

· Easy disassembly

C-type wooden lid consists of six parts, a bottom side and four separate constitution.

Any operation from one side of such a design makes loading and unloading operations, in order to provide a packaging operations maximum flexibility.

· Dimensions may vary

· Material thickness may vary

· Products suitable for large size

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