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product manual

product manual

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  Disposable packaging products

  Under normal circumstances, exports are disposable packaging consumption class packaging. According to the characteristics of transport, destination, and product, the following options are available.

  · Collapsible wooden plywood

  · Expendable pallets

  · IPPC logo wooden pallets and wooden boxes

  Shaped non-standard packaging

  Recycling packaging product

  If a repeating cycle processes across the entire logistics system, then packaging product recycling is undoubtedly the best choice, because they are durable. The size of the initial investment depends on the choice of materials.

  · Plywood crates

  · Plastic tray

  · Pallet collars

  · Turnover tray

  Other Packaging auxiliary materials

  Packaging auxiliary materials

  Packaging material protection products play an effect within the outer packaging. Packaging products are based on product characteristics and packaging products designed to ensure that the customer's product when it reaches the destination intact.

  · Air cushion

  · Bubble bag

  · Anti-corrosion packaging

  · Antistatic packaging

  · Foam cushioning

  · Filler

  · Honeycomb paper

  · Lining

  · Plastic hollow board

  · Paper pad

  Packaging accessories

  In which various off boxes, sealing materials and tools, cushioning materials filling materials and tools, and to prevent damage during transport package provided security sensor indicating various types of packaging materials and tools are all packaging materials products. In this field we can provide users with small to standard sealing tape, large complex sealing machine full range of full range of products.

  · Instructions on the label

  · Inflatable wrap

  · Sealing tape. Labels, packing tape

  · Stretch

  Auxiliary tools, machinery

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