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Packaging consulting

Packaging consulting

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  FHTB’s professional packaging engineers and professional logistics engineers will provide users with world-leading products and services. The packaging consulting service comprises two different contents: the cost analysis and the optimized packaging solution.

  The time when our users complete the development of a new product or get ready for delivery after the completion a product is the time when they need the service of FHTB Packaging. FHTB Packaging will stick to the principle of reducing the total cost. First, we will analyze and investigate the protection level of the product, the operational and storage conditions, the transportation and environmental factors, and other aspects closely related to the product, and then propose the design scheme, which can not only best protect the product in the logistics process, but also bring minimized logistics costs.

  For existing packaging solutions and logistics processes, FHTB also offers cost reduction plans for users. In this process, FHTB Packaging will use their knowledge and experience to conduct auxiliary appraisal.

  Packaging Design and ImprovementBased on customer’s requirements in terms of appearance, product protection, handling, storage, transportation and environment, FHTB Packaging can design complete packaging solutions, which

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