Raw material development and sales

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Raw material development and sales

Raw material development and sales

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  Fu special timber has a global procurement channels, with the world's major timber producing areas to establish a good relationship of cooperation, import all kinds of lumber and logs of wood from the United States, Canada, Spain, Russia,

  Species include: Douglas fir, radiata pine, hemlock, shore pine, Pinus sylvestris, larch, etc.,

  Specifications: customized according to customer specifications

  Advantage: domestic processing base: Tianjin Lingang wood processing area with professional factory

  Foreign sales Main material: a variety of building wooden, wooden keel and packaging support wood, plywood, packaging board,

  Construction with a large wooden

  Wooden building professionals

  Packaging wooden pallets 

  Import tray Material

  Douglas fir packaging boards

  Packaging plywood

  Packaging plywood

   Decoration with wood keel

  White Pine, SPF hondurensis wood keel


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